Lauberge de lhorreur T.S. Rue

ISBN: 9782290312285

Published: April 18th 2001

Mass Market Paperback

150 pages


Lauberge de lhorreur  by  T.S. Rue

Lauberge de lhorreur by T.S. Rue
April 18th 2001 | Mass Market Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 150 pages | ISBN: 9782290312285 | 10.11 Mb

So this book is actually written by Todd Strasser and he seems to written a lot of books for kids and teenagers.This is the first book of the series Nightmare Inn, another series created to capture the success of Fear Street by having all books take place in the same place and have scary stuff happen in them. It only lasted four books, perhaps people stick to Fear Street more.The books really simplistic in writing so its easy to follow.

In terms of its structure, its more about the mystery about the connection between the Arcadia Inn and the main character Sarah in which she seems to be familiar with the place or experience strange dreams or happenings that involved with the inn. Overall, I think its good because the mystery was interesting enough to keep me reading to see how it ends.

I do wish the book tries to be scary so it can provide some action because while the mystery was interesting, there are still parts I wish there were a bit more action. Its in the other half of the book that the action starts but I wish some scares occur more because the setting seems to have potential for scares.In addition, there were some events that werent explained well and doesnt fit with the plot but I assume the main reason is that the hotel is just cursed or something so stuff like that happens because of it.Main character, Sarah, is likeable.

She did cheat on her boyfriend without telling him but the way she expresses guilt at least makes her likeable enough to show that she has moral standard. Also its revealed her parents treat her as if shes absent but Im really not sure the point of the detail other than to get the plot moving.All other characters are all right. Nothing spectacular but not annoying.For first book of series, it does make me want to read other books. This book is interesting for its plot but I wish the author make more attempts to give it more scares to replace the lack of action.

Recommended if youre into slasher like books.

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